Pay Mortgage

Cundy's Harbor Volunteer Fire Department

837 Cundy's Harbor Road
Cundy's Harbor
Harpswell, ME  04079

c/o Burr Taylor
45 Taylor Rd.
Harpswell, ME 04079
c/o Cheryl Baggett
PO Box 948

Brunswick, ME 04011




The Mortgage is Paid

From the Brunswick Record, September 5, 1963 – page 7


UP IN SMOKE — Marion Jordan, treasurer of the Cundy's Harbor Fire Depart­ment holds the mortgage on Community Hall as Fire Chief George H. Swallow starts one of the few fires he ever enjoyed. Paul Burbank, department president is also enjoying the ceremonies. (Kachinski photo

Community Hall Mortgage Is Burned 'With Zest'

CUNDY'S HARBOR — Traditionally one of the important things to be built in a Maine village or town was the meeting house, and Cundy's Harbor has been no exception. In the 1951's the Community Hall, which serves both as a meeting place for its people aid as the headquarters of the volunteer fire department, was begun

About five years ago, an auxiliary of the women of the community, was organized with the express purpose of earning money to amortize the note due on the building and to improve the interior of the hall. In the intervening years a great deal has been accomplished, culminating this month at the annual meeting of the Cundy's Harbor Fire Department when the mortgage was burned in honor of the complete retirement of the note of indebtedness on the building.

This final payment was possible because the original indebtedness had been reduced to $800. Friends in the village, who have requested anonymity, in the month of July raised more than $600 through voluntary contributions, to which the auxiliary added enough funds to complete the payment. Thus at the annual meeting it was possible to announce, with zest, that the building is clear of all debt.

Other things done in the same period of time include: the renovation of kitchen, used successfully for the preparation of the 'suppers'; new chairs were purchased for the hall and other improvements were made.

During the same period of time, the fire department purchased a new and well equipped truck, added to its lengths of hose and put its equipment in excellent condition.

The present hope of many in' the village is the speedy completion of the payments on the truck, the ability to procure more stand-by pumps and in general the development of as fine a volunteer department as any town can hope for.

As a new fiscal year starts, the Cundy's Harbor Volunteer Fire Department is pleased that its building is fully paid for; that it can direct its energies to improving the fire equipment, and that it can progress with interior improvements of its building.